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Session - Peace Partners-Mothers of Liberia: How do we Answer Evil? - Indaba Music

Peace Partners-Mothers of Liberia: How do we Answer Evil?

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In honor of Nobel winners Leymah Gbowee and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf..
Inspired by the above mentioned, and by the autobiographical book "Mighty be our Powers" by Leymah Gbowee and the film "Pray the Devil back to Hell" about her experiences in Liberia during the 14 year civil war. Liberia has held a special place for me all my life, as my missionary aunt always kept us updated about the people in her life there. In my 20's I spent half a summer there. (The tambourine I used here is from Liberia...though it's more of a souvenier than a quality instrument, probably put together by a bush child in need of valuable American money)

I started with Djembe I played along with metronome, then added acoustic guitar, pretty simple 4 measures of fingerpicked G A G A followed by 4 measures of D A D A, and repeat for 4 minutes (which I think 4 min is overkill now, thinking about shortening it) then harmonica, and on a whim, added tambourine, played sitting on my leg and tapping with fingers.

This has been my first attempt at writing a complete song, and the lyrics have been a real problem, nothing I can come up with fits into what I've already done, but I'm thinking if I alternate the chord pattern from 4 measures to 2, I can sort of make a "question and answer" sort of format...sorta fits into the whole idea for me...not sure if I'm making sense, lol. Oh well

I'm trying to use some wording from the book and movie in the lyrics...and the "How do we answer evil?" Question I THINK I remember from "Night" by Eli Weisel about his experiences at Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps, where he lost his entire family. Some of the lyrics I've come up with so far are "Whatever has come between us, there's one thing we can do: If you pray for me to yours, I'll pray to mine for you" and I think the last line might be "How do we answer evil? I know you've asked as well...We pour our anger in to love shaped cups and pray the devil back to hell"

Anyway, that's sorta where I'm at on this thing. I'd appreciate any comments or advice. This is all pretty new to me...HELP!!!! lol

steve myatt
lyricist, voice (lead)
Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel
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