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Session - mr fluidity part 2 (getting in touch with one's inner ken nordine) - Indaba Music

mr fluidity part 2 (getting in touch with one's inner ken nordine)

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Mr fluidity part two (getting in touch with one's inner Ken Nordine)

My next guest couldn't be
more familiar to me
than if he lived in my own head, because of course, he does
ever since I first heard him on National Public Radio back in the 1970s.

Mr. Ken Nordine, I am not worthy, man.
'Cause you are here.

You internalized me
quite readily
when you first heard me
in the 1970s.

But I have to say that I was intrigued by Attenborough's analogy
between the electrical engineer and the salmon
and the one thing they inexorably
are drawn toward upstream
toward their points of origin
and also, alas, their respective deaths.

By the way, Ashurst, seems to me you were a tad brusque dismissing old Attenborough there
telling him “we're done with you; take off.”

Yes, yes I was but then you have to be with Attenborough, you know, or he'll never shut up.

I meant no disrespect to old Attenborough;
I only wanted

he only wanted

to take the theme in a slightly different direction,
a Ken Nordine direction.

I'm here to help
assuming, of course, you're not looking for me to adopt you
or pay your debts or something like that.

Oh no, none of that.
I am not in debt, not in jail, and not even in an anger management program at the moment.

“At the moment,” he said.
Well, let's not go there.
But tell me, Charlie, if you're so inclined;
what is that one thing that you electrical engineers are compelled toward
as is a salmon forging its way upstream to its origin and, alas, its point of death?



Yes, solidity, zen Ken.
An electrical engineer encounters a world that is so fluid and chaotic as to be unmanageable.

Step 1: Fence off a tiny piece of it. Solidify the boundary. Now that you have the problem confined, that is to say made finite, now our electrical engineer stands a chance of finding a solution concept.

Step 2: Solidify the concept.

Step 3: Solidify the design.

Step 4: Solidify the documentation.

Step 5: Solidify the objects as they roll down the production line.

And there is finally a moment of triumph for our salmon, our exhausted salmon, for our electrical engineer, as solidity has been made manifest and it is being replicated and replicated and replicated and replica yay yay yayted.

And replicated and replicated.

That's right, Mr. Nordine, replicated.

An electrical engineer thus
seeks to solidify his position within the company
through successful solidification of concepts, designs, documents, himself, his world into a perfect state of completeness of solidification


whereupon our electrical engineer


has become a perfectly solidified crystalline structure of carbon


A diamond in the rough you might say.

whereupon at which time


a hand truck is employed
to remove the electrical engineer from his cubicle


clunk clunk clunk goes our electrical engineer down the company stairs


clunk cluck clunk goes our electrical engineer down the company stairs





This is where my inner Ken Nordine, zen Ken,
can be for me
what he has been for a nation of hungry people for his word jazz.

Full disclosure:
Word jazz is not a practical appliance in any way, shape, or form designated or designed as a remedy to complications resulting from solidification by electrical engineers.

Scorching habenero sauce
adds the finishing touch.

charles ashurst
Ken Ishii
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