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Session - mr fluidity part 1 (getting in touch with one's inner david attenborough) - Indaba Music

mr fluidity part 1 (getting in touch with one's inner david attenborough)

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Mr fluidity part one (getting in touch with one's inner Sir David Attenborough)

I have with me today a close personal friend of mine, who's kindly taken time from his busy life to drop by, and as we do, we kind of like to talk things over and discuss the state of the planet and such. I'm talking, of course, of Sir David Attenborough as internalized by Charles Ashurst.

Uh, Mr. Attenborough, uh, well, just as Aragorn said when the Elvin Prince arrived, “You are most welcome.” Welcome today. Yeah, well. Uh. I – you always have some interesting observations every time I've ever seen you ever. And so. You know. What do ya got for us today?”

“Oh. Just. Today, we are going to observe a most peculiar species originally native to the North American continent but which has almost instantaneously have become what has to be the greatest success story in history of an invasive species known as the electrical engineer.

“Here, here we see an electrical engineer within his cubicle, within a habitat that was until very recently an agrarian society. Our engineer has found a niche within a capitalistic society. Our engineer generates wealth by providing a new kind of service. Through application of laws of physics, our electrical engineer increases the productivity of the society in which the electrical engineer dwells.

“Here we see one of our electrical engineers in his native habitat in the death throws of the final stages of his heroic life cycle. Our electrical engineer is inexorably drawn to just one thing as is our salmon drawn to forging its way upstream to its point of origin and, alas, its death.”

“And what is that one thing inexorably he is drawn toward?”

“Hey yah, who said that?”

“It is I, your inner Ken Nordine.”

“My inner Ken Nordine?”

“Your inner Ken Nordine.”

“My inner Ken Nordine.”

“Your inner Ken Nordine.”

“Does everyone have an inner Ken Nordine, Mr. Nordine?”

“Oh please – oh wait a minute, that's Attenboroug. uh. Take off, Attenborough; we're finished with you.”

“This is zen Ken. Zen Ken. Zen Ken.”

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