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Ozark Melody: Jeff Buckley's alien song

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Jeff Buckley's alien song:
For the first time ever, here are previously unreleased unmixed tracks to one of Jeff Buckley's unreleased rare songs, "Ozark Melody", a song he co-wrote with musician Frederick Reed and lyricist Joe Tripician.

These eight tracks (two vocals, four of guitar & mandolin, two of miscellaneous effects) contain some real jewels in -- vocal riffs, asides, and instrumental virtuosity -- stuff that has never been heard before.

The Background:
Back in '96 author, lyricist and EMMY-award winning producer Joe Tripician had the rare opportunity to write and record a song with the legendary Jeff Buckley, one year before he died. Joe's musical partner Frederick Reed co-wrote the song and recorded the session. This single song was released for free on the internet in '97, and shows Jeff's humor and playfulness, a lighter side not typically associated with the artist.

Fred became friends with Jeff when Jeff played at Fez, where Fred was the house engineer. Jeff had an open invitation to visit Fred's NYC studio, which at the time was housed in Joe's west-side apartment. It was during the late summer/early fall of '96 that Jeff visited the studio where Joe spoke to him about a humor book he wrote, and which was published in '97 by Andrews & McMeel. Jeff got a kick out of the book, called "The Official Alien Abductee's Handbook", and started to strum on Fred's mandolin, singing in a hillbilly voice one short phrase: "Oh, the aliens are coming…" Joe was inspired by Jeff's infectious sense of humor and musical talent and began writing lyrics. Within four hours Jeff and Fred wrote the music, Joe supplied the lyrics, and the three recorded the song, singing together.

You can learn more about the story behind the song here: http://joetrip.com/projects/90-jeff-buckleys-alien-song

Also, read an exclusive interview with Fred and Joe about their musical collaboration with Jeff on AOL's Spinner: http://www.spinner.com/2010/07/12/jeff-buckley-ozark-melody-mp3/

Exclusive podcasts:
Joe and Fred recorded a series of podcasts featuring remembrances that will reveal, exclusively and for the first time, private conversations and startling incidents of this world famous musical artist. Some insights include: the types of music Jeff secretly loved but never revealed to the press, and Jeff's physical and emotional condition in the year before his death.

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More info:
Visit Fred's site:

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Download and read the book that inspired Jeff Buckley, for free, here:
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There's also a new music video on YouTube:
YouTube video of "Ozark Melody"

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Fred & Joe

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